All of our foals and foals owned by the Simmelink Ranch are now double registered APHA/AQHA  
    We will guarantee AQHA/APHA papers on all of our foals.   Foals are all eligible for the APHA Trust, AQHA Fund and the Oregon Paint Horse Breeders Triple Crown Futurities.  All are  DNA Parent Verified and HYPP Tested if needed.  These are top of the line Show horses or producers.  As we all know the Macho line or mares are PRODUCERS and we believe the foals out of these mares will not only be top competitors and have been top contendors at the World Shows in APHA, AQHA and Buckskin.   We have pictures of the foals right after birth and a few of the mares but will be glad to get more as soon as we get weaned or can get out in the pasture to take pictures of the mares.  


  1. BARLNK CARIBBEANTOUCHDOWN (Tripp) APHA/BARLINK CARIBBEAN TOUCH AQHA.  5/2011 Sorrel Overo (loud) Colt HYPP N/N  Sire:  Caribbean Touchdown AQHA (see pedigree at )
    Dam:  Barlnk Rumor Hasit APHA/AQHA (see pedigree at ( ).  Rumor Hasit is one of our great daughters of Barlink Macho Man that we had so much success and fun with showing.  She has approximately 1200 APHA Points (200 Open (101) & Amateur (99) Halter Points, balance in Performance with multiple Superiors in both Open and Amateur, 2 saddles and multiple All-Around awards plus top 5 & 10 at the APHA World Shows.  She is also the producer of one other colored foal that has his superior in Halter with limited showing and also earned $10,000 in HUS & WP 2 YO Futurities.  The Macho Man daughters are producing 6-8 WC/RWC Halter horses each year plus over the years he's been a mega producer of Superior Halter, Superior Performance, WC/RWC in both Halter and Performance.  He fulfilled the promise that the halter horse could be ridden.  Tripp is a gorgeous colt, very, very correct with the movement of a big time pleasure horse and like his dam he will easily do all of the horsemanship, trail, speed events and we haven't seen any Macho that didn't have a ton of cow sense...... PLUS halter him and pick up a ton of points for his all-arounds like his dam.  You can't go wrong with this good colt.  He's a May 2011 colt so we haven't shown him but in gaging his leg he should be close to 16 hands at maturity and he's just a pretty....fancy.....colt that will make you that World Class performer that can halter.  He definitely will be a super great stallion with his pedigree and looks but he'd also be a World Class gelding if  you want to go that route and make that all-around Youth or Amateur horse we all wish for.  We have a 5 year old solid filly out of Rumor Hasit that we're keeping back for a broodmare and believe me when I say that had this colt been a filly he would have been Michele's next big time show horse; he's got the looks and the talent.  Eligible for Triple Crown Futurities  $4000  See pictures here.  

  2. BARLNK JK FASHION (Fashion) APHA BARLINK JK FASHION AQHA  HYPP N/H  1/22/2011 Sorrel Overo (Loud) filly  SIRE:  Seriously Secure APHA/AQHA/Palomino World Ch/Res.World Ch AQHA/Palomino (see pedigree at   DAM:  Barlink JK Suecash APHA/AQHA (see pedigree at  World Champion Halter, 1200 Halter Points, Open/Amateur/Youth, 600 Points in Performance with many Superiors, All-Around Saddle and many all-around titles.  Tied for RWC Amateur Halter (lost tie) but also placed 7th overall in Amateur Showmanship and Western many horses can do that at the same time.  A producer.  Truly one of the great mares in the Paint Industry and Fashion is her last filly (Sue died 1/2012 at age 22).  Suecash is a daughter of the great, great Barlink Macho Man and his record as a sire still is resounding throughout the Industry.  Try to buy a good daughter of his.  This is your chance to own a filly out of a big time halter horse and Suecash to go on with that Macho tradition.  We don't plan on going to any shows this year so if Fashion is out in a pen with a shelter looking like she could walk into a halter pen in her natural clothes......don't pass up the opportunity to buy into one of the greats and have fun showing and then what her potential as a broodmare is would put you in the big time.  Fashion has a pretty face, lots of body and muscle and again is just in her every day clothes.  Chuck and I are too old now to go forward with any of our young horses but will continue to raise a few out of our older Macho daughters.  Paid into the APHA Trust, Triple Crown Futurities   $4000   See pictures here.
  3. BARLNK BARLNK IMA FANCY BOY APHA/AQHA 1/30/2012 Loud Sorrel Overo Colt HYPP N/N  SIRE:  Caribbean Touchdown AQHA HYPP N/N  (see under #1 above).  DAM:  Barlnk Masquerade APHA/AQHA  See pedigree   An own daughter of Barlink Macho Man out of a cropout mare that is a full sister to AQHA Champion, Superior Halter/Western Pleasure and their dam is also the same plus out of the great Deck of just can't write a better pedigree than this mare has.  This is a WORLD CLASS colt that definitely could go to the World even this fall however we don't plan on going.  Balanced, dead on correct, beautiful head, long pencil neck, awesome back, muscle and a hip that falls to his hocks.  Plus he's extremely tall for his age and still on his mom and not being fit up.  He's just as good as colt as we've raised over the years and got tons of color.   What a show horse he'll make, plus there is no reason the way our Macho mare's do that you couldn't go ahead and ride him; he definitely is one to go to the World Show in Halter......then the icing will be keeping him as your top stallion.   I don't have any pictures of him yet but will take some after we get him weaned.  Paid into the APHA Trust, Triple Crown Futurities and we will be taking him to the TCF this fall so he won't be available until after mid October but this is just an awesome colt; we couldn't be any more proud.
  4. BARLNK UNNAMED (Hotrod) SOLID CHESTNUT COLT 1/31/2012  APHA/AQHA HYPP N/N  SIRE:  Telusive Touch AQHA 16 plus hands,  World Champion Halter, ROM Arena Sire of Halter and Performance in his first few foals.  See Pedigree   One of the truly young sires coming to the forefront as a sire of halter and performance horses and he's siring a lot of size and quality.  DAM:  Barlnk Repeattherumor (Sally) APHA/AQHA 15.3/1400# (see pedigree on Barlink Rumor Hasit above as this mare is a full sister to her).  Sally has been our riding horse, work cattle, pony colts and this is her first colt at 11 years old; she is one of the last daughters of Macho.  She won High Point Junior Western horse at the Zone 1 in Roping classes and same in the NWCC in just 2 shows.  She's a big massive, extremely heavy muscled mare that's got a ton of speed and cow running out both ears....she will eat a cow alive but also took very little training to make her a first class rope in all of these Macho horses she's extremely smart and talented.  But she's also a mare that can rock back on her hocks and lope as pretty as any horse you've ever seen.  Being a full sister to multiple WC/RWC in halter/performance, Superior Halter and producers you can't go wrong if you want a foal that will halter and perform.  Hotrod is my favorite colt this year....he truly has his mom's big old butt that falls all the way to his hocks, perfect conformation, correct, long pencil neck and nice face.....He's extremely smart, gentle and willing to be taught anything.  You could go QH Shows if you'd like but also eligible to be paid into the APHA Trust and AQHA Incentive Fund.  However if you want a fancy horse to go rope, run barrels or work cattle on this colt will do it all; being a first foal he probably won't be 16 hands but he's going to be big and powerful but he still moves like his dam.     Eligible for APHA Trust, AQHA Incentive Fund, Triple Crown Futurity and NWSSA Futurities.   Priced to sell at $1000 after September 25th.
  5. BARLNK UNNAMED (Buster) 4/15/2012 Solid Liver Chestnut APHA/AQHA HYPP N/N   SIRE:  Telusive Touch (see above on #4 colt)  DAM:  Barlnk Pasadena APHA/AQHA HYPP N/N  Shown once, 1 Res. Grand and futurity winnings.  Pasadena stands 15.3 and weighs in at 1450#.....big powerful mare.  See pedigree   Sired by One Touch  APHA/AQHA see pedigree here (Touch is out of Touchdown Kid x 2x's WC daughter of Mighty Awesome by Barlink Macho Man)  out of Barlnk Tardees Imp    Tardees Imp is out of Barlink Macho Man x the AQHA full sister to Tardee's Impressive, World Champion Halter Horse and sire of multiple WC/RWC in Halter.  Buster is a late colt but he's HUGE and he is FANCY.  As colt #4 this colt is completely correct and so easy to work with; led right off and is friendly and he is a stunning mover.  If you want to go to the AQHA Shows and win in Halter and turn around and go in the pleasure classes this colt will be well over 16 hands and powerful but he's got a great mind and he's undoubtedly one of the prettiest moving colts we've had on the place.  He's eligible for the APHA Trust, AQHA Incentive Fund, Triple Crown Futurities and we understand that Telusive Touch is paid into a number of the big futurities throughout the west and probably would be eligible for them also.   He will be going to the TCF with us in the late colt classes and with his almost black liver color and socks, correctness, pretty long neck, tiny baby doll face, great back and biggest old hip he should do super well......he's just a great colt and should go to someone that wants to go big time AQHA.  $1500 after 10/15/2012




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